CQI webinar: Improving quality, productivity and reducing waste in construction

Location: Online

Date: Wednesday 17th March 2021

Time: 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Cost: Free

In this webinar, hosted by the CQI London branch, Cliff Smith will present the research informing and the activity being undertaken by the Get It Right Initiative. GIRI’s aim is to eliminate avoidable error and its associated consequences with the intention of improving quality and productivity, and reducing costs and wasted materials. The presentation will highlight the ways that design and construction processes can be disrupted, and how this can and often does lead to error and waste.

GIRI has adopted a multi-disciplinary approach to raising awareness across the sector with a focus on changing culture and attitudes, and improving knowledge, decision-making and planning skills.

To find out more and to register please visit the Eventbrite page

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