CIOB webinar: Reducing errors & improving quality

Location: Online

Date: Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Cost: Free (Free)

GIRI's research suggests that the construction industry spends between 15% and 25% of total project costs dealing with the consequences of avoidable error.
In this lunchtime webinar hosted by the CIOB, Cliff Smith from GIRI will talk about how to:
  • Create a culture and working environment to get it right from the start
  • Change attitudes and harness leadership responsibility to reduce error and improve quality and productivity
  • Engage all stakeholders in eliminating error from inception, through operation, to completion
  • Share knowledge about error reduction processes and systems
  • Improve skills across the sector creating a positive approach to pre-empting error
The presentation also addresses how technology can be harnessed to reduce error; Stuart Ryder from Viewpoint will continue this theme to talk about:
  • The role technology plays in reducing project errors, re-work and duplication
  • Traditional processes and their associated negative impact
  • Best practice on how we can improve quality through better data management
  • Contractor success case study


To register for the webinar please email Sonia Short.

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