Workshop: Planning to Avoid Errors for Operatives

Short course designed to support operatives and supervisors on UK construction sites, with the tools to plan out avoidable error.


The course provides operatives and supervisors with:

–     Clear understanding of the amount of error and its consequences on UK construction sites

  • Greater awareness and knowledge of the behaviours within the system that lead to error
  • Learn some strategies and communication skills that operatives and supervisors can employ to identify, and challenge behaviours leading to error in a responsible way.


The workshop will focus on providing high quality information presented in an accessible and engaging way based on the research findings of GiRI which are:

  • Errors are mainly caused by the system not just by individuals.
  • More open communication and real-time planning between contractors, sub-contractors and operatives on site is essential
  • More open communication and a no-blame culture between people at different levels in the hierarchy is essential
  • Respect for the quality of one’s own and other people’s work is at the core of working well together on a project.

It will include practical tasks for participants that will require them to work interactively in groups reflecting on their own experiences of error on sites they have worked on and its causes.

The programme will focus on how to recognise errors in the making and what can be done to alert others to this at operator or supervisor level – the presence of a senior manager from a company will assist in making this discussion a productive one.

Course Personnel

Tom Barton  FICE

Tom has had over 40 years working within the industry. Firstly with John Mowlem and Company and then 18 years with Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd. He has worked on some significant projects both in the UK and overseas .

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