The Get It Right Initiative (GIRI) is group of industry experts, organisations and businesses invested in eliminating error and improving the UK Construction Industry. Research informing GIRI was summarised in our ‘Strategy for Change’ to address the root causes of error, with a singular strategic aim: To reduce error significantly in the UK construction industry.

Our Goals:

  • To change the attitudes of those involved in the sector so that they care about and focus on reducing the number of errors and improving the quality in what they do.
  • To improve the knowledge across the sector so that all involved properly understand the ways that design and construction processes can be disrupted and how this can and often does lead to error and waste.
  • To improve the decision making and planning skills across the sector so that all involved are able to react and adjust to unavoidable process disruption.

Current activities include:

Skills Development:

In spring 2018, three GIRI consortium teams were awarded funding from the CITB to enable the delivery of pilot training schemes focusing on: Training Across Interfaces, Supervisor & Manager Skills Training and Leadership Training. Keep an eye on our news feed and training page for more info.

Campaign to change and align attitudes:

We are running a campaign to change and align attitudes across the sector so that all involved are committed to reducing errors and improving the quality of what we do.

Improve management processes and systems:

Our course and training are addressing the key sources of reducing error, revealed by our research:

  • A common language to describe error
  • Identifying errors and the costs of error
  • The nature of the design process
  • Design management
  • Construction planning
Improve construction technology and techniques:

Our members are researching opportunities to develop construction technologies and techniques that will reduce error in construction.

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